Christie vetoes measures on gun violence

The Democratic controlled state legislature in New jersey approved 15 measures to handle gun violence in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre, And the other day, Gov. philip bobtie (R) agreed on 10 of them. The measures signed into law weren terribly marked by controversy they mostly dealt with increasing penalties on existing gun laws.

could not, even so, Take a side on the five most good bills, which include a ban on.50 competence rifles. That changed late this afternoon.

In covering A3659/S2178, Christie office said in a edition that “The bill passed by the legislature seeks to ban a firearm that has apparently never been used in a crime in New jersey. cheap jerseys
It imposes criminal financial obligations on all current owners of these firearms, Including those who believed that they had
properly registered their guns with the police,

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understand just what Christie has done with this veto. identify that image above? any.50 caliber is the person on the left. As Rachel explained on the program earlier this week,
a good.50 caliber shell is simply the size of a “Carrot, Which takes care of “the perfect military weapon against even some armored vehicles. some three years back, 60 minute showed.50 caliber rifles making short work of steel plate armor at hundreds of yards, It also will be able to shoot down an airplane.

Under innovative law in New jersey, any adult can legally purchase this weapon. The state legislature decided that no longer smart, and today, chris joetie vetoed the ban.

assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver (h) Said in a statement, “Banning these battlefield style weapons principal purpose is to keep these highly destructive firearms out of the hands of dangerous criminals and terrorists. Weaponry just for the battlefield, That serves no acceptable civilian use, should not be landing on our streets. Instead the governor has shunned this notion and bowed to pressure of right wing conservatives. The governor vetoes today establish a failure in leadership. instead of doing what right for New jersey, He bowed to the challenges of his political party,